Anomalo Partners with Snowflake to Improve Data Trust

Anomalo, a data quality platform provider, partners with Snowflake to help customers trust the data they use to make decisions and build products. The suite provides customers with a way to monitor the quality of data in any table in the Snowflake platform without writing code, configuring rules, or setting thresholds.

According to the companies, organizations use Snowflake to aggregate all of their data and make it available for everything from business decision making to predictive analytics and machine learning. However, data-powered dashboards and products are just as good as data-fueled. Many companies quickly face one unfortunate reality: much of their data is missing, outdated, corrupt, or subject to unexpected and unwelcome changes. As a result, companies spend more time dealing with issues with their data rather than unlocking the value of that data.

Anomalo addresses data quality by monitoring enterprise data and automatically discovering and finding the root cause of data issues, allowing teams to resolve any issues with their data before making decisions, running processes, or running models. Anomalo takes advantage of machine learning to quickly evaluate a wide range of data sets with minimal human input. If desired, organizations can fine-tune Anomalo monitoring through low-code configuration of metrics and validation rules.

As a result, Snowflake customers can now start monitoring their data quality with Anomalo in as little as 5 minutes by connecting the Anomalo Data Quality platform to their Snowflake account and choosing which tables they want to monitor.

“Snowflake provides an ideal environment for tools like Anomalo. With its ability to centralize the full set of enterprise data and its unique ability to automatically scale query workloads based on priority and urgency,” said Elliot Schmuckler, Co-Founder, Elliot Schmuckler, CEO of Anomalo.

“Anomalo offers an easy-to-use way to monitor every table in a customer’s Snowflake account for data quality issues,” said Tariq Dweck, Head of Technical Alliances at Snowflake. “We are excited to provide Snowflake customers with the ability to leverage Anomalo to further build confidence in the data they use for product development and decision making.”

In addition, Anomalo is now a designated partner in the Snowflake Partner Program.

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