AI: It’s What Staff Craves!

If you’ve seen Idiocracy (Side note: I am not recommending the movie; I’m using a phrase from it we’ve all heard. The movie itself was a comedy not at all meant to be family-friendly when it was made , and changes in social mores since its 2006 release makes it far less acceptable today), you are familiar with the title phrase I’ve used here. That’s what is repeated almost religiously to justify why they buy/use/drink Brawndo, an energy drink.

One of the scenes involves people telling the star that plants need Brawndo—“It’s got electrolytes… That’s what plants crave!” This is repeated over and over until he asks, “What are electrolytes?” After some stuttering and failures to answer, someone says, “It’s what they make Brawndo out of.” Someone else inevitably tacks on, “It’s what plants crave.”

Now, substitute “AI” for “Electrolytes”. That’s where we seem to be. Ask a vendor what algorithms they’re using, where their training data comes…


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