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Confronting the sunsetting of a mission-critical technology platform can be an aggravating and puzzling experience. This is particularly true when the solution in question assists in the management of all aspects of project operations. The process you choose to address the forthcoming loss of this platform can have both short and long-term impacts on your business. Choose correctly and you can position your business to survive the transition or even gain an advantage from the imposed change. Choose incorrectly – or even worse, make no choice at all – and your business may experience even greater damage from the loss of the platform. Not long ago, Klohn Crippen Berger, a multinational engineering, geoscience, and environmental consulting firm, faced exactly this situation. KCB realized that the on-site architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) ERP platform they have depended on for years would be sunsetted. This news left KCB with numerous crucial decisions to make as the firm depends greatly on its ERP system to track the entire lifecycle of projects. KCB began investigating replacements without delay. One of the front-runners was aec360 by HSO, powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365.

HSO ProServ’s industry knowledge made all the difference for KCB

HSO understands the AEC space better than anyone in the industry. Microsoft knew this and asked us to share our industry expertise to assist KCB in its evaluation of Dynamics 365 as a replacement for their ERP system. Our joint efforts to assist KCB have been detailed by Microsoft in a recent case study.

Hand in hand with KCB, our team helped to identify requirements for its new ERP solution. As part of this process, we helped discover KCB’s most urgent needs, and the obstacles they encountered with their old ERP platform.

Through this fact-finding phase, we were able to offer insight into the functionality presented by Dynamics 365 and Dynamics 365 Project Operations. The most important thing we were able to do was to help KCB realize how this functionality could be applied to address their unique needs as an AEC firm.

Our support and understanding of the AEC industry helped KCB make well informed decisions concerning their future ERP platform. Ultimately, KCB chose aec360 on the Dynamics 365 platform. KCB will utilize the entire Dynamics 365 ecosystem, including Dynamics 365 Sales for developing new business, Dynamics 365 Project Operations for project and resource management, and Dynamics 365 Finance for ERP functions.

Executive Vice President of HSO ProServ, Andy Yoemens, did an outstanding job of summing up KCB’s needs and the solution we provided.

“KCB wanted a world-class business application solution that would span from their marketing and business development processes, to project and resource management, to finance and accounting, to HR,” he said. “When you combine the best-in-class Microsoft cloud platform with our aec360 solution that pre-configures Dynamics 365 to meet the unique needs of the AEC market, you get the best of both worlds.”

Read the full case study from Microsoft to learn how aec360 aided KCB in
turning what could have been a potential vulnerability into a competitive advantage.

HSO ProServ delivers the perspective required to make informed decisions

As a seasoned Microsoft partner, we provide our unique perspective on the capabilities of Dynamics 365 and the entire Microsoft ecosystem. We use our knowledge of Microsoft solutions to address the very real and distinct challenges facing AEC firms of any size or area of ​​focus. With aec360, we deliver to our clients the best of both worlds – an across-the-board, industry-specific business suite AND an industry-leading cloud platform designed to leverage the power of the entire Microsoft ecosystem.

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