5 Steps to a Solid Marketing Management Process

What is the marketing management process?

There is no doubt that marketing is one of the most important aspects of business. But if you want to be qualified among the burgeoning competitors, you need proper marketing management. It is a process to control your marketing aspects. It includes not only setting goals for the company but organizing marketing plans, making decisions and meeting the needs of the client.

Nowadays, data-driven marketing management has become of great importance. Today, companies aim to track all the important marketing metrics that help them better understand their customers and ensure that they connect with customers at the right time. Data-driven marketing management benefits marketers in several ways, such as:

  • Gain clarity about your target audience
  • Building stronger relationships with potential clients
  • Uncover the best channels for promotions
  • Marketing Personalization Assurance

5 Steps to Building a Strong Marketing Management Process for Your Team

The first step: analysis

The marketing management process begins by analyzing your audience and where you stand among your competitors. These are the two important criteria to ensure your success. Do a market research and find out who your target audience/customer is, what their needs, their problems are, and how you can provide the right solution for them.

Not only that, you need to understand what your competitors are doing, what works for them, what works for you, what areas they lack and what areas they lack, etc. This can be done by tracking the right marketing KPIs to understand whether your past marketing efforts are meeting the objectives. If not, what else should you do to reach your business goals by improving these KPIs. Some of the key performance indicators for marketing are:

  • click rate
  • New users of the campaign
  • conversion rate
  • Cost per lead
  • Traffic to Lead Ratio

Stackby’s Competitor Analysis Template is the best ready-to-use tool for businesses to understand their strengths and weaknesses. You can estimate your sales and revenue by tracking competitors. You can identify current and upcoming marketing trends and enhance your marketing management process.

Competitor product analysis for marketing management

You can also perform website traffic analysis using Alexa API.

Website Traffic Analysis Template

Step 2: Plan goals

A good marketing management process should be full of details. Simply creating a strategy for how to promote your business is not enough. You need tactics, clear goals, and details to make a big difference.

For example, if a restaurant owner wants to promote his business, he will not be able to guarantee this by having the best tasting food. They need details like email marketing, social media post, returning visits, number of customers per month, etc.

Stackby understands that creating a marketing plan can be very confusing at times. That’s why we’ve created a free, easy-to-use marketing plan template. Now, you can track every initiative in one place, track KPIs in real time, and much more.

Marketing plan for the marketing management process

Step 3: Use campaign planning and tracking tools

A good marketing management process needs commitment, not just participation. Therefore, organizing regular meetings will not be enough. You need to track every step your team takes towards your goals. You need to assign each task to specific team members and hold them accountable for the results.

In this step, Stackby comes to your rescue by providing you with a variety of templates for planning and tracking your marketing campaigns. With Stackby, all your team members can collaborate and monitor all marketing activities in one place.

Stackby’s Marketing Campaign Tracker is one of the models that helps you keep track of different aspects of your marketing campaigns. You can set goals, assign tasks, and simplify your marketing management process. Not only that you can also collect important metrics related to your marketing campaigns in the same place.

Marketing Campaign Tracker

Step 4: Implement the automation

If you want to use your resources efficiently and improve the productivity of your team, you must automate the marketing management process. for example,

  • If you are performance marketing, automate your campaign reporting
  • If you are a Youtube content creator, automate your video and channel reporting
  • If you are an SEO marketer, analyze your keywords, backlinks, traffic, and more
  • If you are an Ecommerce Marketing Analyst, Automate Google Ecommerce Reporting Including Ecommerce Translation Tracking, Ecommerce Products, Ecommerce Refunds
  • If you are dealing with web marketing, automate web analytics reporting with Google Analytics, Intercom or Google Search Console

Marketers have a range of things to consider, from building a brand image, promoting products, dealing with customer inquiries, finding potential customers, etc. Amid all these tasks, if there is a way to do tasks like automatically sending emails to leads, recording details of new leads, or measuring your site ratings, half of their workload is diminished. Not only this, the use of automation in marketing management makes it easier for you to focus on the right KPIs at the right time.

Stackby allows you to connect columns to various third-party applications such as Google Search Console, Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, YouTube Analytics, Google Analytics, Ahrefs and many more using native API connectors.

Stackby Integrations

Refresh the data and bring it to the table using API connectors

Step 5: Monitoring and Reporting

The final step of a robust marketing management process is to monitor every marketing effort and report results. This way you can make sure that everything is in place. You can check whether your goals have been achieved or not, and if not, you can improve the marketing management process to get the desired results.

With Stackby, you can create automatic reporting tools to collect the correct metrics from third-party applications such as Google Analytics, Facebook ads, etc. You can bring data from third-party applications directly to your tables with a single click using our built-in data explorer.

Not only that, you can set time-triggered automation that will periodically populate your schedules with real-time data while attending team meetings or working on other important tasks.

Google Ads Reporting Template Scheduling

2 Templates for Effective Marketing Management Process

Among the many effective marketing management templates from Stackby, here are the most useful ones that will make it easy for your team to work on the marketing process. These templates are completely customizable, making it easy for you to mix them according to your business requirements. Let’s explore them more.

1. Marketing campaign management

Marketing Campaign Management

An effective marketing campaign can change the face of your business in no time. But, if you don’t manage the campaign well, you lose out on a lot of optimization opportunities. Our marketing campaign management template helps you easily track multiple aspects of your campaigns. SEO agencies, marketing teams, and startups can use this model to track key marketing metrics like clicks, spend, and conversions.

Find out more

2. Social media marketing management

Social media marketing management

Social media management is at the core of every marketing campaign. But if you do not plan your social media marketing activities, all your efforts may be in vain. Stackby social media calendar template is the best management tool for marketing teams that enables them to measure their current efforts on social media, and track important metrics like post title, graphics, post type, concept, channels, post date, likes, etc. Create a custom social media workflow for your business.

learn more

Create a powerful marketing management process with Stackby

Just holding meetings with your team and comparing the results will not bring you the desired results. You need to create a process that covers every aspect of marketing for your business. Bring your team together on one platform so they can keep a close eye on your marketing activities. Try our marketing management templates right away, simplify your workflow and automate your marketing management process in no time. If you haven’t joined Stackby yet, sign up for free today.

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