4 Ways to Uplevel Your Software Engineering Team in 2022

In my 20 years leading software development teams, I’ve witnessed the industry’s continuous growth alongside technology’s evolution. As we enter 2022, the only thing we know for certain is that the industry will continue to change and winning businesses will be those that build with change in mind, backed by effective, fast-moving software teams.

This is the year we must focus on fine-tuning our DevOps processes and uplevel our teams, but where do we start?

Below are four ways you can begin to transform your teams into engineering powerhouses, no matter how big or small or where they are in the world.

1. Embrace New Delivery Models

Remember when deployments were a big deal; a highly-anticipated event that often meant late nights? These days, many teams have managed to make deployments a non-event and are deploying any time of day. Those that haven’t adapted risk being left behind. The rate of deployments will only increase, so how teams handle this progression will be a deciding factor for success in an already competitive field.

In 2022, teams should continuously evaluate their procedures as they push the boundaries of their tech stack. Navigating The complexity of the digital era—from massive datasets and machine learning to networks of third-party services—will force both developers and company leaders to embrace flexible tooling and processes to ultimately refine the risk/innovation tradeoff.

2. Prioritize People and Culture

While 2021’s Great Resignation saw many software professionals jumping ship in search of a fresh work environment, in 2022 we expect to see a Great Reshuffle. Realizing their new or current gig still may not be quite the right fit, engineers and developers will start looking for roles that are more in line with their long-term career and personal goals.

Don’t fear this reshuffle. Instead, recognize it as an opportunity to build a strong and stable team. Be honest about what, exactly, the job entails and the hard and soft skills you’re looking for. Honest throughout the recruitment process leads to a better match between employer and employee and also contributes to resilient company culture.

3. Deploy Low-Code Solutions Strategically

PRessure to get the highest productivity out of software development teams has led to the adoption of no-code and low-code solutions. But that means these tools are being used predominantly by people who already know how to code. The folks with big ideas who don’t actually want to be programmers remain unserved and untapped.

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