3G Sunsetting Deadline is Rapidly Approaching

In 2022, carriers will stop providing 3G services in order to use the bandwidth and resources to expand the deployment of 4G LTE and 5G services. The shutdown, dubbed Sunset 3G, will affect a variety of devices used in a wide range of applications, including health and medical monitoring, home security, fleet management and tracking, vehicle SOS services, and mobile devices used for scanning and asset management. On construction sites or in warehouses and factories. There’s also a handful of rugged, industry-grade 3G tablets in everyday use, and several that need a 3G connection as a backup when wired internet drops.

The one thing these apps have in common is that the devices make use of 3G services to transfer a relatively small amount of data intermittently. Many applications represent some of the first applications of the Internet of Things. The scope of the case cannot be underestimated. Last year, 12% of all mobile phone connections in North America were still using 3G.

Long history of use

The sunset on duty is not unusual. As the FFC notes: “Some carriers shut down their 2G networks when they upgraded their networks to support 4G services.”

What makes sunsets on 3G so disruptive is that 3G has been in use for nearly 20 years, and for a generation of users and apps, it has been the service of choice.

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