3 Steps to Jumpstart Your App Modernization Journey

Like advertising your garage, modernizing your applications can seem daunting before you startbut you know it will pay off once done. So, instead of thinking about this project as a technical challenge, let’s look at it in the wider context of the business. Just as getting rid of old junk in your garage frees up the space you need for things you actually use, modernizing your apps helps your business run more efficiency and scale more easily. Based on my experience with many application modernization projectshere’s how developers can best approach app modernization, including what you’ll need from your team and technology, six key ways to tackle the task and how to prioritize.

Start With a Business Assessment

Before you can make any changes to your applications themselves, you need to lay out a plan based on your company’s needs. That means assessing every application in your portfolio, not just as individual properties but in the way they interconnect.

Like most developers and engineers, when you have a technical background, it’s tempting to build a strategy around the most exciting technical opportunities. But the purpose of all the applications your company uses is to enhance the business. For example, your organization is likely considering an app modernization initiative to better serve customers and clients; to increase revenue or cut costs.

That means when you approach modernization from a business perspective, you should prioritize apps based on business value. Large modernization projects can get complicated, so you won’t necessarily be able to complete this process for every app.

When it comes to large-scale, complex applications, the effort required to modernize every piece is significant. So, it’s important to decide what applications are of the highest value and plan your modernization efforts starting there.

There are several business-focused questions to considersuch as:

  • What are the business’ needs now and in the future?
  • Which problems are we trying to solve as an organization and as a department?
  • What capabilities does the business need to add in order to grow?
  • What does the business need to do to better support customers?

Smaller organizations may be able to modernize every app and component. But if you’re in a large business or an enterprise, you will have to choose the apps and components that are most critical to the business goals. Of course, if you’re successful with the first crop of applications, it’s more likely you’ll get the go-ahead to move on to other apps and components.

It’s important to stress how important This kind of assessment and planning process is. You need to get that business buy-in for that ultimate alignment and for delivering the most value for your business in the shortest amount of time.

Choose Your Application Modernization Program

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