2022 Will Be the Year of the Cyber ‘Shift Show’

As ransomware continues to infect organizations across industries, remote work continues and innovation brings with it new threat factors for bad actors to exploit, 2022 is poised to be another chaotic year for cybersecurity.

In July 2021 alone, organizations Lost $45 million for ransomware. What’s more, the ransomware costs expected to reach $265 billion by 2031. Cybersecurity Ventures predicts that “there will be a new attack every two seconds as ransomware perpetrators gradually improve their malware payloads and related extortion activities.” But ransomware isn’t the only cybersecurity concern that business leaders should consider as the new year approaches.

As companies increasingly turn to digital channels such as apps and websites to direct daily business and customer interactions, these endpoints present new threat factors for bad actors to exploit. According to Okta 2021 Businesses @ Work Transferlarge organizations (think AWS, …


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