2022: The Future of Technology

2022: The future of technology 2022: The future of technology

As we approach the end of 2021, technological developments are all around us and we are making big improvements every day. Almost every aspect of our daily lives includes some kind of advanced technology; Most of us carry a small supercomputer in our pockets. Just when it seems like there are no more developments to be imagined and created, tech companies develop ideas and products that seem out of this world. The technologies are expected to flourish over the next two years. Here are some of the technology trends expected in 2022: The future of technology.

  • Bots are more involved in everyday life:

    Over the past two years, the robotics industry has made amazing progress in developing ground-breaking products. In 2022, robots are expected to be developed to help efficiently perform repetitive tasks, leaving employees enough time to perform more important tasks. Some of the areas of use for robots are expected to be in healthcare, automotive, agriculture, warehousing and supply chain. (1)

  • The Continuous Evolution of Mixed Reality Technologies:

    The human-machine experience and virtual reality platforms are expected to continue to evolve and improve in 2022: the future of technology. Applications such as AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) are the leading technologies in this field. With the illusory metaverse, extended reality applications will continue to improve until the metaverse reality is completely closed in the future. (2)

  • 5G Capabilities:

    Initially, 5G was reserved for premium products and was not widely available to all products and consumers. However, next year 5G will become the standard for most mobile phones despite the price. The accessibility of 5G networks will also have an impact on the size of the devices. It will tend to get smaller and lighter due to the lack of processors and graphics chips due to the 5G capability. (3)

  • Spread of smart homes and devices:

    The trend of smart devices and the smart home is not looking to slow down any time soon. The Smart Home and Devices Market Is Expected to Grow to $53 Billion in 2022: The Future of Technology. Gartner analysts also predicted that next year, the average home could contain more than 500 smart devices. One of the biggest drivers of smart home technology could also be launched; Matter, the smart home operating system which is a collaboration between Apple, Google and Amazon. Matter’s main function is to create an operating environment for connecting smart devices in the home despite the different manufacturers. (3)

  • More internet security measures in progress:

    Living in a digital world, unfortunately, has its drawbacks and cyber attacks are more frequent than ever. As many workplaces and organizations rely on digital means of communication, data storage, etc., new and improved methods of cybersecurity are being developed and implemented. Educating employees in all positions on how to defend against cyber attacks will become mainstream. The application of artificial intelligence to cyber security methods is also another direction that organizations will use to defend against cyber attacks in the future. (1)

In conclusion, technology is moving at an amazing rate and progress is being made every second. Looking ahead to 2022, it’s exciting to see what the store has in store and what new technologies will become available. Here comes 2022: the future of technology, creativity, imagination, innovation and always improving!

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