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2022 Food Trends

As we continue in 2022, there are many noteworthy trends to take a look at, especially in the food industry. Consumers’ tastes are continuously evolving due to economic situations, societal trends, and the introduction of new ways to enjoy food. Innovative technology and the increased usage of mobile ordering food and groceries is not the only way consumers are making shifts in their food consumption and purchasing. Compiled below are five of the most prevalent food trends for avid ‘foodies’ or food industry business owners to keep in mind as 2022 moves along.

  1. Easy and Accessible Food: Consumers have become exhausted having to decide dinner plans and lunch ideas week after week. This dreaded task of compiling shopping lists and listing out the week’s meal plan has become less difficult due to easy meal recipes with high accessibility. The solution is meal kits which can even be delivered weekly right to the consumer’s doorstep. Meal kits that come packed full of all of the ingredients and recipes needed to make dinner for that week are changing the game of grocery shopping and manual meal planning. With the ability to even choose specific meal types and cuisines, it does not get any more accessible and easier than having groceries shipped right to the home (1).

  1. Unique Food Combinations: With the wide variety of delicious food types available, unique food combinations are projected to increase during 2022. Statistics are even showing that more and more consumers are opting to try new food combinations since the onset of the pandemic. The blending of cultures by food is a trend to get excited for in the remainder of 2022. Keep an eye out for new and unique restaurants that combine different types of cuisines (2)!

  1. Home Cooking: Another food trend that came to fruition from the pandemic, less voluntarily, was the rise of consumers who chose to cook at home. For obvious reasons, restaurants could not remain open, and consumers had to learn to adapt due to COVID-19. However, trends and statistics are showing that there are more consumers relying on a steady schedule of home cooked meals instead of opting to eat at a restaurant. Due to the affordability and the freedom that home cooking provides, it does not appear that this trend is disappearing anytime soon (3).

  1. Plant-Based Boom: An incredible number of United States consumers is moving to plant-based diets. More than half of US consumers are actually moving towards plant-based options and alternatives, and over the past 15 years, plant-based diets have increased 300% just in America alone. With a greater number of consumers looking for plant alternatives, this leaves much room for growth in 2022 and beyond for the plant-based industry (4).

  1. Personalized, Functional Nutrition: In recent years, consumers are looking for more from their food than just taste or safety. They are seeking out food that provides noticeable benefits to their bodies. Especially in the beverage and supplemental nutrition sector of the food industry, consumers want options that are designed for specific benefits. Juices for mood boosters, snacks to build immunity, and protein shakes to help athletic ability are a few examples of what is in high demand. As an extremely on the go culture, functionality is also a large factor in how consumers choose what food products to purchase and re-purchase. Keep an eye out for this important food trend throughout the rest of the year (3).

In conclusion, being familiar of what is popular and on the rise with consumers will help to better understand the market that the food industry is serving. The food industry has extremely specific needs and requirements to be met when operating a food business. To help solve these needs, Softengine created a solution completely specific to the food industry: Softengine’s Food One Powered by SAP Business One. Building upon SAP Business One’s industry-leading ERP solution for small-midsize and fast-growing companies, Softengine Food One delivers inventory control, warehouse management, lot traceability, recall functionality and much more. For further information regarding Food One and inquiries about how the solution will benefit your food business, email us at [email protected].

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