10 Benefits of Data Quality Studio for D365 ERP

Every organization has data – in fact, a lot of it. We are sure that your device is working as well and that you have an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to standardize and manage this data. But, do you know if the data in your ERP system is trustworthy? Unfortunately , The importance of data quality in ERP systems It is often underestimated.

At To-Improvement, we help customers in Dynamics 365 ERP avoid data transfer disasters by ensuring data quality. Customers around the world trust our master data management solutions to get the most from Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management (F & SCM).

As a data manager or data agent, you understand the importance of data quality and the role it plays in making critical decisions across your organization. But do you have the right tool to support data quality assessments? In this blog, we share more details about our data quality solution – Data Quality Studio, including its benefits.

What is it data quality studio?

for us Master data management (MDM) Studio is designed to distribute data from one legal entity to another or from one environment to another with the help of additional management tools used by data hosts. We have few options for data validation in MDM, these options were pre-defined, and it was not easy to configure. A data quality solution was needed not only in MDM, but also in standard Dynamics 365 F & SCM. Ensuring that your Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP system contains the most relevant data is a major challenge for most organizations.

A discussion with our partners, customers, prospects, and internal stakeholders highlighted the lack of a data management component, which led to the development of Data Quality Studio, a codeless data governance solution that can ensure data quality in Dynamics 365 F & SCM. The inclusion of Data Quality Studio along with other components (currently in development) completes our vision for a complete master data and management data monitoring The solution.

Here is a visual representation of our data management and MDM components.

Data management and MDM components

Is Data Quality Studio Part of MDM?

Because data quality is essential when distributing and integrating data with a master data management (MDM) solution, Data Quality Studio is for us. Business integration solutions framework of action.

Does that mean it won’t be offered as a standalone solution?

of course not! It is presented as a standalone component. Even if you do not have the requirements of managing master data or distributing data within the environment, but still want to verify master data or simplify transaction data, Data Quality Studio will be the right solution to use. The solution is not just about mastering the data. It is a completely standalone solution that can also be used with all other regular tables, for example, buy and sell orders.

Are you spending a lot of time and money on developers to set up data validation rules to ensure data quality in your ERP system? If yes, then Data Quality Studio can help you. watch this video For an overview of the solution product.

What are the advantages of Data Quality Studio?

Curious to know how To-Scale Data Quality Studio can help you?

1. Reduce dependency on developers with a configuration-based solution

Configuration-based solution is one that has a simple user interface that even non-programmers can easily set up or configure. With the range of cloud-based solutions and applications available today, we want our customers to be able to quickly configure a solution without having to know how to write code.

2. Save time with easy deployment

The advantage of the no-code solution is the ease of deployment. With a custom solution, every time you make a customization, you’ll need to test it in a staging environment and you’ll have a downtime in a production environment. Because of the development cycle, more time is taken for the process and other credits rather than the actual development.

For example, if you have to set up a validation rule that is based on a credit rating field or customer group, or a combination of the two, it can take a few weeks to change that in a production environment. This is due to the time taken for the entire process from development to testing and deployment in a production environment.

When you have a configuration-based solution like Data Quality Studio, you can quickly create, validate, and deploy a new version of a data quality policy. If you’ve made a mistake, you can also quickly correct it without downtime in your production environment.

3. Maintain compatibility with updates on the D365 . environment

By using customizations to meet data validation requirements, you can never really be sure that they’re compatible with new updates to your Dynamics 365 environment. But with Data Quality Studio, we make sure to keep updates going. Your organization just needs to focus on the content of the data quality policies in the system and we make sure to keep them up to date because we have CICD (Continuous integration and continuous delivery) practice in place.

4. Save money with a fast data quality solution

Customized solutions are not only expensive, but come with an ongoing recurring cost for verification and updates. With our solution, although there is a cost to be incurred on the subscription, it helps you save money in the long run. And if you have a lot of validation rules to set up, this is really a cost effective solution. If you make a mistake in setting up a data quality rule or policy, you will be able to correct it quickly without downtime. This is a flexible solution that can be quickly configured without any coding effort, maximizing the cost benefits of implementation.

5. Leverage a framework for data validation and enrichment

Our solution provides a framework for setting up validation and data enrichment tools. To enter data into forms, we run data validation rules with the help of runtime events. The advantage of doing this is that at the form level, validation rules are only executed when the user enters data.

For example, if you want to add a new customer, you will have to fill out a customer details form and you may want to add certain fields such as financial dimensions. When you make a new customer entry, you can make sure that all the fields are entered, and the data is entered according to the rules you set up.

6. Avoid the need for data entities by integrating with Connectivity Studio

Data Quality Studio can be easily integrated with call studio, part of the To-Cin Business Integration Solutions (BIS) framework. This makes it possible to enable data validation and business policies for each message.

For example, when entering customer details, if the field customer group is mandatory and not populated, an error message can be displayed and the record will not be allowed to be inserted.

The benefit of integrating with Connectivity Studio is that it can be used on data in any table or any field, without the need for data entities.

7. Detect and correct errors through data quality assessments

There are two different scenarios where you will have the option of performing ad hoc or periodic data quality assessments.

Scenario 1:

If you are migrating data from a legacy system or importing data as part of a Dynamics 365 F & SCM integration, you can decide to avoid checking any validation rules, redundant checks, or procedure rules. This is to ensure that data is imported and made available in the respective forms.

Scenario 2:

If you already live with Dynamics 365 without Data Quality Studio or if you have made changes to existing data quality policies, your existing data may contain a lot of errors.

For these scenarios, you can use the periodic assessment of option data quality. Via the batch framework, it will loop through the existing data and store all data errors to continue. This can then be assigned to the data owner who will take action to correct the invalid data and ensure that it follows the validation rules.

8. Ease of setting global and local data quality policies

You can have a generic setting, which means that the data quality policies will be applicable to all legal entities across the organization. You also get a localized setting for the policies.

For example, you may want to have an active data quality policy for all Asian companies, or another policy that applies to all Dutch legal entities. Great flexibility is offered in preparing these policies.

9. Ensure data is free from errors with verification rules and procedures

Validation rules are not only about checking the content in each field, but also about restricting input into certain fields based on the values ​​in other fields. For example, if a customer’s credit rating is set to Medium, the credit limit value can be restricted to a maximum of $25,000.

Error messages can also be customized to instruct the user to resolve the data entry error instead of having a generic message. These error messages can also be set up in different languages ​​based on your requirements. Validation rules can be set in such a way as to prevent the user from continuing to enter data until the error is resolved or if it is something not mandatory, users can be allowed to ignore the warning message and continue entering data. For each rule, we can specify whether the result should be an error or a warning.

We can also set up business rules that allow certain fields to be filled in automatically. For example, depending on the customer’s selected country, the currency denominator is automatically filled in. If the customer is from the US, the currency field will be automatically set to US Dollars (USD).

10. Validate data from external sources by performing checks

In Data Quality Studio, you can set up integration with third-party web services to check real-world valid data. As an example, you can perform checks on VAT numbers, email addresses and postal addresses. Some services provide corrected data such as addresses. When you misspelled or miss postal codes, the service can return the full, corrected address. Some web services are offered for free. Address and email validation are usually paid services.

Take the next step to solve data quality issues

We hope this blog was able to provide you with an understanding of what Data Quality Studio is and the benefits it offers for maintaining trustworthy data in your ERP.

To see a demonstration of the Data Quality Studio for the D365 F & SCM and hear our experts answer two questions from customers and prospects, access this on-demand webinar.

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